Another reply we will give Macof on Obatala being Igbo

Macof also said, ‘So you Igbos don’t really have history? This is sad’

To which we will reply, On the contrary, Igbos have a rich history. Only the surface of Real Igbo History has been scratched. That Obatala, the Osere Igbo, the Oba Igbo, the aboriginal King of Ile Ife was Igbo,  is indeed something to be proud of.

Obatala (read all the Obatala rulers) was indeed a very organized man. That is why his descendants are today very organized. And he forgave his enemies. That is why he reconciled with Oduduwa The Great, and even helped him to rule Ile Ife in later years.

Obatala joins great people like his ancestor Eri Ben Gad as one of the greatest products of Igbo history. Obi of Onitsha has said it. Many more, maybe including you will soon say it.

By the way, both Igbo and Yoruba should follow Obatala’s example and reconcile from every silly quarrel they have.