3 Reasons Atiku’s Call For The Abolishing Of Nigeria’s 36 States Will Fail

Nigerian political heavyweight Atiku Abubakar has called for Nigeria’s 36 states0 to be abolished. He hinged his reasons on the fact that most of these states are not viable. But his proposed reform is easier said than done. This is because it would create massive unemployment in the ruling class.

1. You have 36 governors who are used to being called boss, and you suddenly tell them to start getting ready to go home. They will fight back. Some will say they won mandates from their people to rule for 4 years, and until the 4 years are over, they are going no where.

2. At the end of their 4 years first tenure, they will

tell you they must contest for another 4 years like their colleagues. You allow them, and some are defeated. Then the incoming governors that defeated them would now tell you that they too deserve to test their popularity for a second term. And on and on will it go.

3. Add to the mix the reality of staggered governorship elections and what you will have is utter confusion.

The solution to viability of our federating units is for the anti-corruption agencies to be encouraged to fight corruption till it bows to good governance.

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