ifraudiaa Blasts Nnamdi Kanu, Calls Him A Fraud

A Nairalander using the moniker ifraudiaa, has bitterly come after recently released Biafran independence agitator Nnamdi Kanu, calling him a fraud for ‘abandoning those charged with him in prison’ and visiting VIPs instead of the ‘market leaders and labourers’ who fought for his freedom. See the epic blast below:

Nnamdi kanu’s wish has come true. his wish is to be noticed. for those people saying that nnamdi is fighting for gullible iboes nnamdi is only interested in what he can gain from the nigerian state.

nnamdi kanu was released on health grounds but he dosent look like a sick person. kanu has been moving around nigeria meeting ffk iboe senators politicians etcetera. i wonder why nnamdi has not met with market leaders traders labourers people that fought for his freedom. these people lost their families while fighting for nnamdi . why will a sick man be touring around the country he called a zoo

the people whom were charged along with nnamdi are still rotting in prison. some protesters that are in police cells have died

i feel sorry for gullible iboes who put their hope in kanu

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/3777011/nnamdi-kanu-fraud

Do you think ifraudiaa is right? What do you think Nnamdi Kanu should be doing with his new found freedom right now?

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