Fani Kayode Given Igbo Title For Southern Nigeria Leadership

Our quest to bring unity to the Southern parts of Nigeria in the face of serious threats like ‘grazing reserve’ has received a boost following Yoruba leader Femi Fani Kayode’s revelation that he has received an Igbo traditional title in recognition of his thought leadership and fearless agitation for the welfare and interests of the entire Southern Nigeria.

Speaking on his recent meeting with Biafran pro independence leader Nnamdi KANU, Femi Fani Kayode, who has been raising the awareness of the South on unjust attempts to impose grazing reserves on their ancestral lands, disclosed that he already has the titles of “Odumagu” of the south which means ‘Lion Tiger of the South’ and also the “Odogunaga”, which means ‘The courageous one who marches forward’.

We will from now on refer to Fani Kayode by his Southern leadership title, ‘Odumagu’, as we believe he has earned it.

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