Emir Sanusi clears the air on photos of him romancing women

He also spoke on recent attacks on him by conservative Northerners including the SAto the Governor of Kano State.

5. Now, these famous photos of my “romancing” a woman in public. I am posting it below

6. First, this was a public event and it could have been anyone and it wouldnt matter in anyway. But as it happened, this lady is called Maryam. Her grandmother, Fulani Halin is the daughter of late Emir, Bayero and still lives in the palace. She is my cousin and has always loved photos;

7. The second picture the SA posted was this one. This woman is Maryam Lamido Sanusi nee Maitama. She’s my cousin and my second wife. We have been married for 25 years and she is the mother of six of my twelve children. The photo was taken many years ago when i took her to mauritius and this was on a valentine’s day. Okay, i am sorry if Northern conservative society has a problem with a man romancing his wife on a beach and embarassed that a private family picture is online but this is not a crime.

Read the rest here. But my own opinion is this: Your Highness, you are a king and you should’nt be explaining yourself like this. It lowers you. Please next time maintain a golden silence when attacked. Only speak out when you have something you feel you must say to make society better. But if attacked for speaking out, maintain a golden silence. May your reign be long.

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