Desperate Man Cries Out After Landlord Gives Him 2 Weeks Notice For 2 Year’s Unpaid Rent

What do you guys advice this man or his landlord to do in this case? It doesn’t have any easy answers. Read bellow:

I graduated about 7 years ago so far no job. Just dealing with menial jobs so far. Things have been rough and turbulent all days long. I am a vibrant and hardworking person and I have exhausted all means to set riff with financial predicament, no way. ( I pray God will make a way). I was not born yesterday; age is almost 40 years now. For this I married. Baby has come in now. Things became harder and tougher.

Providing for family now a thug of war. I am really forced to post this due to my pitiable situation. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have posted this but I cannot but do so all the same. Life is never a bed of roses!!! It is depressive finding myself profiling in this manner but I can’t help myself for now. Capping my story, my landlord has given me 2 weeks ultimatum to settle my rent or else my things will be locked out. Where do I go?

Although he has been a good man so far and off course very tolerant with me for the past years now. I have begged and begged he refused this time around. Now I have no hope of getting the money even in the next five month. Even to find food to eat now is hard. I know some people may know me here on nairaland but I don’t mind of the stigma. Things are hard believe me. Pls nairalanders I need HELP. I am ready to give any detail of myself for anybody who wants to help.


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