10 Little-known Requirements For New Bloggers To Get Better Alexa Ranking

Alexa Traffic rank is a rough measure of a website’s popularity compared with all other sites on internet taking into account both number of visitors and number of pageviews on each visit.

To improve your alexa rank,these are the things you need:

1.You need a whole lot of traffic :
Traffic is the main source of good Alexa rank,All other points am giving rests on it,it Is good traffic good alexa [vice versa]

2.You need a whole lot of back links :
THERE Is probably nothing you want to do as a webmaster or wapmaster that you don’t need backlinks,be it improving your s.e.o.,applying for adsense e.t.c. No exception with alexa too. You need a whole lot of backlinks from other websites to improve your s.e.o.

3.Update your website regularly :
In most site usually at the footer,you will see alexa widgets saying no informations to display. This is because the owner fails to update his/her website for months and if you don’t update your site regularly again,your alexa rank will be increasing instead of decreasing

4.Have a nice S.e.o. :
If your contents are always on firstpage of every search engines,your alexa rank will be a very good one. Alexa ranks with S.E.O.

5.You must have a nice domain extension e.g. .com,.org,.net,.ng :
Have you ever seen any websites with subdomain extension having below 1000 Alexa rank,disgusting isn’t it? The fact is that most of them are using their hoster Alexa rank,it isn’t theirs. You have to get a nice domain extension to improve you alexa rank.

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