Are expired drips repackaged here? How does one tell which drug is fake?

Place where expired drips are repackaged and dates changed? If that is so, then, I can now understand why most of our leaders would not be caught dead receiving treatment in a Nigerian hospital from the risks of fake medicine. And it means most Nigerians are not safe.

It means many Nigerians can go to very good hospitals and still die, because unknown to doctor and patient, the drug is fake ( this does not mean their are no quack doctors or negligent ones their are of course a few bad doctors spoiling the name of the profession, but their are many doctors who do their jobs with undeniable professionalism).

Read the disturbing news I saw online and please share till government investigates this and punishes any defaulters.

A Facebook user has raised an alarm about some people repackaging and changing the dates on expired drips in Onitsha, Anambra State. Blossom Martins who works as an OAP at Solid 100.9 Fm Enugu -shared this in a bid to raise awareness and to call the attention of the authorities wrote;

Happening now ….. PLS KEEP SHARING TO SAVE LIVES! These people are repackaging expired drip and also changing the dates, this is happening now while we all are in church at fegge port harcourt road at Onitsha, I think the public needs to know about this and let the right Authorities take action… Pls keep sharing to save lives …. #BMCARES THIS IS WICKEDNESS

The address is 104 port Harcourt road, beside Venus hotels, am logged at the hotel, not sure of the address.


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