Okadas Driving ‘One Way’ In Lagos Abeokuta Express Way

This is a special message to the Lagos Police taskforce meant to arrest vehicles that drive against traffic in Lagos. Focus on Lagos Abeokuta Express Way in the evenings. You will see so many okada men driving dangerously against traffic. They frequently hit people there. You need to come out in the evenings to catch these wicked souls.

Station a zero tolerance police unit permanently in the loading point of these law breaking okada, in the middle space in Ikeja Along. Also, station a permanent unit in their loading space at Oshodi Isale. You need to dislodge these guys so that their would be dafety on Lagos Abeokuta Express Way in the evenings.

Thank you for your expected actiom on this matter.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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