Ife Mass Killings: ‘What really happened’

According to something I read on Nairaland;

‘The crisis in Ile-Ife started when a group of Hausa Fulani men molested and physically abused a young Yoruba woman by the name of Kubura and almost killed her in the process.

‘She went home covered in blood and when her husband, Akeem (a leading member of the NURTW in Ile-Ife) found out what she had been subjected to he went back to the Hausa-Fulani quarters (commonly known as Sabo) with her in tow to find out why she had been subjected to such barbaric treatment and who the perpetrators were.

‘On getting there instead of being received with sympathy and remorse the husband himself was viciously stabbed and almost lost his life.

‘After that the Hausa Fulanis in Sabo went on the rampage killing many sons and daughters of Ile-Ife their host community and in the process they proceeded to behead a young Yoruba man and they paraded his head on a pole through the streets.

‘This infuriated the people of Ile-Ife and they retaliated by attacking the perpetrators. After that all hell broke loose and many Hausa Fulanis were killed.

‘I have been reliably informed that at the end of the day approximately 300 Hausa Fulani’s were killed and buried in mass graves whilst over 70 per cent of the houses in Sabo were burnt down. The Ifes lost about 30 in the conflict. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions for each and every one of us.’

If this is true, it is very sad. Why should they rape? And then attack the husband who has come to protest as if he doesn’t have a right to. This should be thoroughly investigated and the rapists who started the whole commotion brought to book.

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