It’s Great To Be Igbo (A Nam Anwuri Na Ndi Opobo Bu Ndi Igbo)- Opobo Indigene

Editor’s Note: Otutu ndi a try go ka ha kewa ndi Igbo. Ha puta, ha a na asi na ndi Opobo abughi ndi Igbo. Mana Ada anyi bu Dr Tina Edmunds-Ogbuokiri aputa go we menye ha ifele na aru. Dr Tina bu onye Igbo si na ala Jaja a n’akpo Opobo, mere k’anyi Mata na ndi Opobo cheta ndi ha bu, n’agbanyehi na ‘otutu ndi’ n’acho I dufu ha n’ezigbo uzo. Gwuo ihe Dr anyi kwuru n’oyibo.

It’s a great blessing to be IGBO!
I can tell you a million and one reasons why I relish being IGBO!
In my next twenty lifetimes, I would love to still remain IGBO!
We are like the Jews. Anytime a group is persecuted, guess what?, they become stronger in virtually all aspects of life.

My story will be short because I have clients (HIV-infected professionals and non-HIV clients) waiting for me.

I remember going to Opobo in the company of my late father, Chief Sir Edmund Obizukowa EZIE, the late town clerk of Portharcourt Municipality from 1960 to about (not exactly sure now) 1964. We visited the compound of the historical and beloved KING JAJA of Opobo. My dad told us that the late king hailed from AMAIGBO in Orlu and was the father/founder of Opobo.

Opobo, Ahoada and many of these areas are IGBO.
Please do not disgrace God by renouncing your IGBO HERITAGE!!
Instead, please remain proud of it.


Dr. Tina Edmunds-OGBUOKIRI (Nee EZIE)
Professor of Pharmacology/Therapeutics, College of Medicine of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus and Consultant Clinical Pharmacist to the UNTH (1979-1994).
Takemi Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health, (1994-1995)
Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy ( 1996-2014)
CEO/Founder Tina Ogbuokiri and Associates , Expert Witnessing and Technical Defense for Litigations (2014 -present)