Still no prepaid meters because it kills corruption

Due to massive corruption, Nigeria’s power distribution authorities have still not distributed prepaid meters to many clients who have requested for it. they say the meters are scarce. Many believe the reason for this scarcity is that it will make prepaid meters make it difficult for the power distribution authorities to give people outrageous bills. What a shameful practice.

the Federal Government should play its tole as father to the fatherless by compelling these power doesn’t to distribute these corruption-killing meters. Furthermore, we ask that the price is slashed, so that the average Nigerian who doesnt want to be cheated by the power distribution authorities can easily afford a prepaid meter.

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Nigeria has been ranked by some as the most corrupt country on earth. We cannot deny that there is high level corruption in Nigeria. One way for government to take Nigeria down from its high placing as one of the most corrupt countries on earth is for it to tacke the issue of ‘scarcity’ of prepaid meters.

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