‘So because killer herdsmen are foreigners, they should not be arrested?’ asks Ohaneze Ndigbo

In a recent interview, the Publicity Secretary of Ohaneze Ndigbo had this to say about the herdsmen accused if killing farmers in Nigeria, whom various government officials have described as Libyans: 

“The issue affecting Apostle Suleiman suggests that the truth is hidden. We read in the tabloids that Northern Governors said the rampaging herdsmen are foreigners, non of the security agencies refuted or questioned the Governors. 

“Now does it mean that we should allow foreigners to come and be killing Nigerians? We demand an explanation even as we condemn violence and inciting words or actions”. 

Read more:http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/02/igbo-presidency-without-restructuring-will-not-end-ethnic-agitations-ohanaeze-ndigbo/

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