Sacked Mr Obazee Almost Killed Off Nigeria’s NGO Sector

Someone has a passion to touch lives and registers an NGO, meaning to follow that passion for life. Then after 20 years of doing so, Mr Obazee wakes up one morning, and tries to kill a dream which he was not there when it was born.

That is just plain wrong. You don’t tell people when to cut short their lifelong dream. You should just focus on making sure they are accountable and not corrupt. Did the Italian government restrict the tenure of the Pope as head of the Catholic Church? Is there any regulation restricting Queen Elizabeth’s tenure as Governor of the Anglican Church. Is there any law restricting her from handing over that role to any member of her family?

Why must Obazee then try this on Nigerian churches? Any law It is what is in the organization’s constitution that should be followed. Mr Obazee, you should have been able to monitor any corruption simply, by monitoring the financial reports of NGOs, not by trying to decapitate them.

You don’t just wake up and end careers without even giving them time to put in people that they are sure will follow their dream. NGO is about passion to help the less privileged, and if he wanted to fight corruption – which has corrupted quite a number of Nigerian  NGOs, there are other less harmful steps he could have taken. It is difficult enough for a lot of NGOs to function during the lifetime of their founders, without having the 20 year regulation.

President Buhari gets 3 gbosa for suspending it. However, he shouldn’t stop there. He should trash it.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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