‘Why Buhari Should Be President Till 2023’

‘Now, let me tell these political neophytes sometging they seem not to understand.Personally, i would love to see a younger candidate take Buhari’s place come 2019 BUT there’s a political hazard that might arise from having anyone at all replace the old man.

‘For fairness and political stability, our leader (even though we can hardly refer to them as “leaders”) had a tacit agreement power would be rotated between the North and South every 8years. Jonathan as we know violated that “agremment” by running for office in 2011.Now, we all know if someone else takes Buhari’s place, we’d be looking at a situation where power is tetained in the North for no less than 12years!

‘Some people might wanna broker some deal with whoever it is that appears most likely to succeed him in 2019 to stay for just a single term, and of course he’d agree, but trust politicians, we’d have the exact same situation we had with jonathan in the run-up to 2011, with all the attendant political upheaval.

‘We don’t have a Mandela in this country and we all know we can hardly find someone who’d voluntarilly decline taking a second bite of the forbidden fruit.So, with or without Buhari’s flaws, it appears we are stuck with him- except of course we are willing to give up our right to crying foul over Northern political dominance’ , said Corrinthians in a debate on a thread in Nairaland.Do you think he is right?

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/3553526/buhari-cant-stop-me-succeeding

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