Trump opponents lash out angrily as last effort to stop him fails

The long battle to stop Donald Trump has finnally ended, as the Elctoral College confirmed Trump as the next President of the United States 2 days ago. But opponents of Mr Trump are still very bitter, from ex-President Bill Clinton who questionedTrump’s intelligence in a move unusual of the former president, to GQ’s Keith Olbermann who is asking Americans not to see Trump as their President.
(is that not treasonable?)

The moves to stop Trump started as early as during the Republican nominations when Republican elites tried to break their own party rules by preventing Trump from getting the ticket even after he won the Republican Primaries. Then came the relentless, unfair attacks from the media and so on, the innacurate ‘opinion polls’ that showed Trump headed for a cataclysmic defeat.

Then the icings in the cake: the moves to recount votes in several states in which Jill Stein, the Green Party politician just wasted her $1 million. And then the unprecedented moves to deny a President-elect his mandate by putting pressure on the electoral college.

I don’t understand the visceral hatred for Trump coming from the establishment. Hillary Clinton has already congratulated Trump, and the opposition should follow her lead by giving the President-Elect all the support he needs.

The American people have spoken, and by pretending not to hear them, the establishment is harming America’s standing internationally. I even hear that they are already preparing impeachment plots against him before he commits any impeachable offence (isn’t that funny)? What happens to the political equivalent of being presumed innocent until proven guilty? What happens to giving the man a chance to fail?

They are even preparing to oppose his ministerial picks. They should instead give the man all the support he needs. He is the next President for crying out silently.

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