Trump (Our Candidate) Wins; Jeb Bush Loses; Clinton Will Win In 2024 If She Runs Then

Congrats Trump our candidate, Jeb Bush you see what we told you? Hillary run again in 2024 and you will win Zikistmovement .com heartily congratulates Donald Trump for winning the US presidential election.

We always supported the Donald, even when the ‘opinion polls’ said he had no chance. The elite in the Republican and Democratic Parties and the mainstream media wrote him off.

They accused him of saying nasty things against the Jews (he didn’t).

They accused him of saying nasty things against women when it was just the same harmless locker room talk that they too have made. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Oh, they already did!

They made statues that portrayed him in uncomplimentary light.

They funny ‘opinion polls’ showing him ‘losing’, not knowing that they were just setting themselves up for the greatest mockery.

They published naked pictures of his wife, thrashed his daughter, destroyed his Walk of Fame Star, and made him win. Trump won because the American people are not fools.

They saw through the game of the elite to bring him down. The elite couldn’t insult the intelligence of the American people. And they delivered a heavy blow against the greed of the elite yesterday.

We at are happy. As Michael Moore said, the American people voted in Trump as a Big F-ck Y-to the American elite.

Zikist Movement is especially sorry for Jeb Bush because we warned him to reconcile with Trump, with an eye to securing Trump’s support for his run in 2024. But Jeb! Would not listen!

One word for Hillary Clinton: If she runs again after Trump serves out his 8 years, she would win. It doesn’t matter how old she would be then. We first said this months ago, and according to our political calculations, it is true. And she even might win with Trump’s active support.

That is just how unconventional The Donald is. At least Hillary called Trump to congratulate him, unlike Jeb! (Jeb should come out now and congratulate Trump. Last chance man-even though you did nothing to secure Trump’s victory.

Jeb! You should also run for the senate to keep the Bush family candle lighted- even though I think they now have worthy opponents in the Trump clan, which has such exceptional people like Ivanka, Melania and Lara. What of Donald Junior, Eric, Barron and the rest of that Kennedy-like family? Politics just got more interesting in the US of A.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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