CAC Reduces Cost Of Business Registration In Nigeria By 50%

Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has announced a 50% reduction in the cost of registering businesses in Nigeria. 

The Cable quotes  Bello Mahmud, Registrar-General, CAC, as saying, “We have reduced the cost of registering a business by 50 percent. You don’t need a lawyer to register your business for you anymore. You can ‎now do it yourself. The process is easy now”.

‎”You can now register your business anywhere at our offices in Lagos, Kano and Enugu.”

The Zikist Movement congratulates the CAC for this business-friendly policy. But we also ask that the CAC drastically reduces the time used to register businesses. 

The current time, is officially supposed to be for about 2 weeks, but can sometimes drag on for months. And entrepreneurs sometimes feel (wrongly) that the delay is because ‘CAC doesn’t want to register them’.

Once again, congrats CAC for the cost cutting move. Dear Zikist, please spread the word about this good news, as it can help us build up our country’s economy.

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