Watch “Leave Your Car At Home When Shoping In Computer Village”

It is no longer advisable to park your car on the streets of Computer Village, Lagos or other streets in Lagos for that matter, because by the time you come out, LASTMA may have towed it. It ‘doesn’t matter’ that there are not enough parking spaces for cars in these important centres (where do they want car owners to park?)

If you are going to buy something anywhere in Lagos, make sure you can park your car inside a compound, or leave it at home. This is to avoid heavy LASTMA fine to free your car (with demurage for each day your car remains in their office). In the video above, you see that LASTMA has acquired advanced tow trucks that will tow your car whether you are around or not.
Don’t say we didnt tell you o.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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