Erdogan Regrets Turkey’s Lausanne Treaty; Recalls Great Ottoman Past

Is Turkey’s Erdogan trying to rebuild the Ottoman Empire? Just this afternoon he said Alepo in Syria, and Mosul in Iraq belong to the Turkish people. In this link Erdogan is also critisizing the Lausanne Treaty that defines Turkey’s border with Greece, parts of which were once in the Ottoman Empire. All three countries (Syria, Iraq and Greece, at one time or the other, fully or partially, were part of the Turkish rooted Ottoman Empire).

Erdogan’s assertive rethoric over the present borders of Turkey seem to have become more pronounced after the recent visit of Russian President , Vladimir Putin to Ankara. We do not know what and what they may have discussed during his visit, but there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Also recall that Putin whom Erdogan has been compared with, recently annexed the historic Russian territory of Crimea from Ukraine. While this may not have any direct relationship with Turkey’s apparent willingness to redesign the geo political map of the former Ottoman territories, it shows that there are many leaders who want to look back at how they lost certain lands to other countrues, with hopes of reincorporating those lands if possible.

But it remains to be seen if Turkey will make big moves over its leader’s controversial claims, and what podition the US and other NATO powers would take.

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