Why Wikileaks Is Hitting Hillary Clinton So Hard

Wikileaks appears to want to keep dripping emails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign from now till election day, and in its own way, it is realy helping Donald Trump climb back in the polls. 

.The mistake the Obama Administration must be regretting right now is pushing the publisher of the whistle blowing site, Julian Assange to the wall.

For years he has not left the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for fear of arrest -or worse- by a US led coalition. His ‘forced stay’ itself is beginning to look like an imprisonment before the imprisonment.

Julian Assange knows that this is his last chance at freedom for a long time. Should Hillary Clinton win in November, he would be condemned to being holed up for the next 4 to 8 years inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. 
Assange knows that if Trump wins, it would however be his passport to freedom. That is why he is fighting tooth and nail to nail Hillary Clinton, who once considered using a drone attack against him.

Nothing the liberal press says will dissuade Assange from this attempt to get the US Government to stop pursuing him. He knows that if Donald Trump should win, with Putin as Trump’s ally – and with an independent minded Trump grateful to him, freedom would come to him.

What the Obama Administration -including his ex Secretary of State Hillary Clinton-should have done after Wikileaks first started was to clean up their act, so that Assange the journalist would have less to report. Instead, they focused on trying to get the man. 

Now, the man is out to get them. He has gotten then to fire the Chairman of their party. Now he has trained his sights on John Podester, head of Clinton’s campaign.

The Democratic Party has dismissed the damaging emails Wikileaks has released against Podester, but for how long?

If the leaks continue, the current smiles on the faces of the Democrats are surely bound to become grimaces.

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