Trump Delivers Perfect Retort To Questions Of Tax Avoidance

At the just concluded third and final US Presidential debate, Donald Trump gave one line that would have stopped questions of his so called tax dodging had he used it long ago.

He told his fiesty challenger, Hillary Clinton that if she didn’t like his practices, she should have used her time as a US Senator to change the law, so he wouldn’t be able to continue such practice.

“If you didn’t like what I did, you should have changed the law!” he said.

There was no strong retort from Clinton to this, and I think if Trump had used this line long ago, the media wouldn’t have made minced-meat of him over a lawful practice some of their publishers are undoubtedly into. We would have been saved all the distraction, and his poll numbers would have been the better for it.

Today’s debate was cool for Donald Trump, and even sections of the anti-Trump mainstream media have admitted to such. But with the elections being so close, Trump may need to do much more if he is to effectively close the significant gap Clinton has established in recent polls.

One worry for Hillary Clinton though, are the tens of thousands of emails Wikkileaks, has against her, and there is no telling if they are saving the ‘best’ for last.

In that aspect, it is a war between the New York Times and Wikkileaks. New York Times has already released its most damaging info arsenal on Trump (the tax returns thingie), and is now concentrating on ‘destroying Trump with a thousand small, constant  cuts’. 

But what Wikkileaks still has against Clinton is lethal amno (tens of thousands of damaging emails of her campaign). You get a taste of what they have when you see email being released that shows Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta questioning her judgement. 

Also, I believe the insulting references to Clinton’s rival-turned-ally Bernie Sanders by Clinton campaign staff in the emails will also alienate not a few Sanders supporters, whatever Bernie says officially.

Julian Assange is to Hillary Clinton what Calors Slim is to Trump: A powerful media boss who cannot sensibly be said to support them for personal or patriotic reasons.

The final countdown in this campaign is bound to be quite interesting.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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