Mexico Hitting Trump Back Via New York Times

The world we live in is an assymetric world, where unconventional tools can be as powerful as conventional ones. When I look at how the New York Times is hitting out at Donald Trump, what comes to mind is ‘Mexico’.

Many may not know this, but the New York Times, a prime US institution, is majorly owned by Mexico’s Calors Slim Helu, the richest man in Mexico. And, the day Trump said he would build a wall to stop Mexicans from coming to the US illegally, he became a foe of Calors Slim, and of Mexico.

Mexico is not a super power in the way you would think of Russia, but it has one super effective weapon in the 2016 US Elections; one of he richest men on earth who shrewdly decided some years ago to invest in the media in the US. This has resulted in the unrelenting attacks on Trump that have been spareheaded by the New York Times. Those attacks have made him bleed seriously in his battle with Hillary Clinton for the White House.

From the Trump tax issue, to the allegations against Trump by several women, and I can say that if the NYT wasn’t majorly owned by a Mexican, Trump wouldnot be sweating the way he is today.

Let me say this: if Trump wins in November, expect the New York Times to displace the Democratic Party as his biggest opposition. Make we US politics watchers dey watch wetin they happen yonder.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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