Why Etisalat Is ‘Justified’ In Increasing Their Data Bundle Price

There have been complaints by consumers that Etisalat shouldn’t have increased tbe prices of their data bundles a few days ago. They say that in an age where other networks are charging N1000 for 2 Gigs, Etisalat should be trying to catch up with them, rather than go the opposite direction.

But there is a point they have not taken into consideration.
And that is that Etisalat currently has the fastest internet network among the 4 GSM networks in the country today. They are not like some networks that will charge you N500 for 5 Gigs and yet younwouldnt be able to use 100mb due to poor network.

I am not saying network operators and other internet service providers should not reduce their prices in other to make internet cheaper but Nigerians dont need dirt cheap internet bundles that are just bundles of dirt . The truth remains that under the present circumstances, Etisalat provides about the fastest internet service, and at the moment, if their price is the price we must pay for relatively fast internet servicr, then lets pay it.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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