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Please take note, this is not a generalization, It doesn’t mean that all lecturers fall under one of the groups below, the content of this topic is based on personal experience….. I believe we all have our opinion, so please feel free to add yours…..let’s begin

(1) The Sadists
These set of lecturers are always sad, unfriendly and can never be impressed, no matter how hard you try to impress them or make them smile, all your attempts just go down like the content in a flushed toilet. their classes are so boring, they are the worst set of exam invigilators, students pray for them not to invigilate complex exams.
(2) The Comedians
These set of lecturers are generally loved by students, they are well known for their good sense of humour, Their classes are never boring as they combine comedy with whatever topic they’re lecturing on.
(3) The Fathers of Old
These set of lecturers consists of advanced men, who keep comparing the standard of Education they had back then to the one we presently have, they are very disciplined and highly respected by everyone. They have acquired so much experience in the field of academics, They give students lots of assignments….
(4) The Modern Guys
These set of people consists of Young lecturers, who haven’t spent much time in the profession. they are cool with students and gadgets. They know what’s up. and most lazy students pray for them to invigilate examinations, because when they are around, things happen…..
(5) The Preachers $$$
These set of Lecturers keep preaching for the payment of tithes, Lol, they normally use words like “Heaven help those who help themselves” and
“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” Rich students don’t bother to read for exams in courses handled by such lecturers
(6) The Turbo Charged engines
These set of lecturers keep their eagle eyes active in the search for beautiful female students, They can see through the clothes of female students with their xray vision ability, They are the ones who invite ladies into their office and keep mounting pressure on female students to sleep with them with the threat of failing the students should they refuse, that’s how they service their turbo charged engine
At this point I drop my Pen, everyone feel free to add yours…….


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