Sherrif Working To Breakup PDP For APC- Fani Kayode

When I warned our people about President
Muhammadu Buhari and what he would do with
power no-one listened.
When I warned the PDP leadership and
particularly our PDP governors about the dangers
of making Ali Modu Sheriff National Chairman
they would not listen.
I also told them that the government would NOT
allow the convention to hold because Sheriff is
working for them.
Now look at what they are doing in PH in collusion
with some corrupt judges just to destabilise,
destroy and silence the opposition.
Governors put under house arrest. Convention
venue sealed off. Delegates prevented from
entering the stadium. It is shameful.
Let me make a another prediction: this is just the
beginning of their tyranny. It will get far worse.
That is “mai chanji” for you!
The sooner the leaders of the PDP wake up, smell
the coffee and appreciate the kind of monster they
are dealing with and the sooner they elect and
select leaders that are prepared to risk their lives
and liberty to confront this government the better.
If you want democracy and freedom you must be
prepared to confront the dictator and fight for it.
Where there is no justice, there can be no peace.
Where there is no freedom, there can be no joy.
My dear egbon Dr. Doyin Okupe, a man for whom
I have the greatest respect and affection and one
of the most for idable and credible leaders in our
party, has suggested that we should “negotiate”
with Ali Modu Sheriff to settle this issue and that
we should “not blame Buhari and the APC for our
woes” but rather we should blame ourselves.
He is partially right on the latter point but not on
the former. My response to him which wad posted
on his Facebook wall reads as follows:
“Egbon mi, I beg to differ. If you remember I
warned the governors about Shetiff when they
imposed him on us.
The PDP Ministers Forum rejected him as did the
PDP Board of Trustees but the governors would
not listen.
Now we have been vindicated because everything
that we said would happen has come to pass.
The imposition of Sheriff by the Governors
Forum was the biggest mistake that we have
made since conceeding the election to Buhari
and frankly, as I wrote at the time, I believe
that he bewitched the governors that brought
him and indeed those in the party that
accepted him and agreed to work with him.
Now the power of the spell has worne off and
their eyes have opened. Sadly though things
will get worse because Sheriff is under orders:
he is working a script and that script was
crafted by those who commissioned him to
divide, weaken and kill our party.
When you open your doors for a snake what do
you expect? I am not surprised by all he is
doing because he is acting true to type: he is a
green snake who has dipped his fangs deeply
into our flesh and whose poison is kiling us
Truth is that there can never be any
compromise with Sheriff. You cannot
compromise with the devil or a snake.
You cannot wine and dine or attempt to
cohabit with a creature that the great writer
and teacher, Mr. David Icke, describes as a
“shape-shifting sociopath and reptilian”.
There can be no felllowship between light and
darkness even in politics. You cannot negotiate
with a narcicistic meglomaniac who wants your
head to be cut off and served to him on a silver
Sheriff is working for Buhari to destroy the PDP
and he has almost succeeded in his mission.
The only answer is for us to continue to fight him
in the courts and elsewhere and, if push comes to
shove, form another party, get our members and
supporters to join that party and leave the bastard
with the carcass of the old PDP.
Very few people will stay with him because
carcasses tend to stink and because he is the
quuntessential plague. After some time even his
most diehard supporters will get sick of him and
abandon him.
Finally let us remember the following. We must
never attempt to appease a tyrant: it encourages
him in his tyranny and it gives him pleasure. To
the bully, compromise is seen as nothing more
than weakness”.


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