See The Amazing Nsude Pyramids, Built By The Ancient Igbo

In 1935, G. I. Jones, an anthropoligist took pictures of some ancient Igbo pyramids at the town of Nsude, Udi, in Enugu State, Nigeria. These amazing works of our forefathers pyramids are 10 in number.

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The Nsude pyramids were built by the Eri-era Igbos, who had a large Judeo-Nubian content. Recall that in the book History Of The Igbo World, research shows that many years ago, this group joined the pre-existing Igbos.

These Eri-era Igbos came from Eri Ben Gad’s household in the Chineroth area in Canaan, and from the households of some Nubian chieftains he met in the Saqqara area of Egypt-Sudan.

They joined the pre-existing Igbos (the First Men) who told them to bia fara (come and join us). Together, with others they flourished into what is today, the rich culture called Igbo.

These Nsude Pyramids closely resemble the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, Egypt (constructed in 2648 BC). They are undoubtedly of the same tradition.

See The Step Pyramid in Egypt below:

See some more pictures of the Nsude Pyramids below:

10 Igbo iron-smelting pyramids 00

10 Igbo iron-smelting pyramids 02

Update: The Nsude Pyramids have been abandoned by successive governments. They would have restored it to its pristine glory if they were interested. This is indeed sad. Maybe some future government would do better.

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  1. I don’t think the pyramids are still there if it were the case modern researchers and tourists would have been trooping there. I believe the Europeans bulldozed them. They only came to limelight when the pictures were leaked and exposed from a personal archive.

  2. Cajethan, the Nsude Pyramids are a shadow of themselves due to neglect over the past 100 years. They need to be restored, but will they? That’s the big question! The town people have gotten tired of asking…

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