‘Why Is Governor Ugwuanyi Sitting On The Fence In The Biggest Foreign Investment South Of The Sahara?’

Let’s make noise until something is done.

The project

After a careful survey of economic activities in Africa,a Chinese group known as GoalMark group,traced most of the Sino-Nigerian trading activities to the people of South East Nigeria and so decided to set up an industrial park in the south east region/Enugu state to be precise,the Group which has its headquarters in Beijing, China met with the then Enugu state Governor,Sullivan Chime who quickly went ahead to make the initial arrangements to help setup the mega-investment. They signed an MOU with the Enugu state government slightly over one year ago with hopes of getting the project kick started as soon as possible,the leader of the group’s delegation Mr.Lin Feng made it clear then that the company decided to go ahead with the project after a careful study from which they confirmed Enugu as a conducive place for it.

He disclosed that the project, which according to him, will cost billions of dollars to complete, will bring massive investments to Enugu from all over the world and ensure the tremendous improvement of the economy of the state and environs.

Most Chinese companies shipping goods to Africa will move down to Enugu and set up base within the industrial park from where they will distribute or export to other African countries,(it is worthy to note that this same group was instrumental to the construction of the nearly completed international terminal of the Akanu Ibiam international airport Enugu as a shipping point/hub and a kind gesture to their host state.) Mr Feng said that the park will comprise investments in such major areas as coal mining, power generation from coal and water treatment plants as well as cassava and rice processing concerns.
The Industrial park is made up of various zones such as
(A)Residential zone.
Well serviced residential estates with over 20,000 housing units comprising of flats in high rise apartments of 35 floors each and duplexes.
(B)Free trade zone.


(C)Commercial zone.
Covering a modern 500 shops wholesale,warehouses,shopping complex,malls,bus terminals,sports recreational facilities,office spaces on several high rise buildings, hotels and more.
(D)Industrial zone.
The industrial park is designed to accommodate light,medium and heavy industrial complexes with a capacity to host over 250 industries and the industries will be provided with state of the art environment for indigenous and foreign industrialists.
(E)Agricultural zone.


A large area covering over 700 hectares of land for modern and high yield crop and live stock production complete with modern abbatiors and produce market,it will also serve as a training environment for local farmers.


(F)Power infrastructures.
Providing 24 hours power for both the residents and industries from a 300 mw thermal power plant powered by coal. Mr. Feng also said that the project will entail the establishment of a specialized school for training of manpower to handle the various investments that the park will be attracting and called for continued support of the government to ensure that all of its objectives were met. He expressed delight that the project has become a reality and commended the government for its commitment towards ensuring its successful take off.


The former Governor made it clear that due to the importance the government attached to the project, it had already provided a large expanse of land for the establishment of the Industrial Park and would also ensure that all the necessary facilities were provided to ensure its successful take off,but time was not on his side then since he had a little period left to spend in office and expected that the new governor would continue from where he stopped.


The land is located in the following communities:
Akpuoga Oruku
Amechi Idodo
“This project is dear to our hearts, we are full of expectations and we want to see GoalMark Group developing the place immediately. “The land in question is immediately available and we are making sure that all necessary infrastructure, including proper access road to the estate will be put in place”, he said.


Chime noted then that the Industrial Park would complement the massive infrastructural development of Enugu City that his administration had embarked upon to give the state a brand new and modern outlook.


It is worthy to note that before the former Governor Sullivan Chime left office,he took the then Governor elect Hon Ugwuanyi along on a trip to China so that he can see first hand the strength of GoalMark group,the trip was also a farmilarization tour of the groups HQ that included series of meets with its high ranking officials,so people never expected that Ugwuanyi will be the very person to delay this project,some of us are even aware that the delay in sorting out issues affecting a smooth kick off (For example) Paying Compensation,grading access roads,etc,created an opportunity for poachers from other states (Governors) and countries to make moves for this project to be relocated to their various states/countries but fortunately,GoalMark group have insisted that Enugu is the best location for them and have simply refused to change their mind, but who knows how long they will tolerate this delay by the present Governor of Enugu state?

Some people are even of the opinion that frankly speaking,the present Governor may not have understood the importance and reach of this project abinitio,but how else can it be explained to him? Why the delay? Nigerians should ask Governor Ugwuanyi what the issues really are,why has he chosen to sit on the fence In this project?,why is he not paying compensation where it is needed to get this project rolling?

Why is he not grading the access roads that the group has offered to construct once graded? why does it appear like he abandoned the little contribution the state needs to make to kick start the project? we are aware that a miniature prototype of the industrial park sits on a table right next to his office so he can’t claim forgetfulness because he sees it everyday,he needs to be aware that Enugu people,

South Easterners and Nigerians atlarge will hold him responsible if anything goes wrong with this project. Eko Atlantic project never stopped just because a new Governor came into power in lagos state for instance,so whats going on In this case?,he should wake up now,any well meaning igbo person should text or call him now to wake up and do the needful.

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See prototype photos of the project here: http://247-trendz.blogspot.nl/2016/08/why-is-governor-ugwuanyi-sitting-on_9.html?m=1

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After sharing this I went to the website of the group and this is what I found:

‘Goalmark International Group Corp.(hereinafter referred to as Group), which is a subsidiary of China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation, mainly involves in businesses as import and export and international economic and technology cooperation. Approved by Ministry of Commerce and other government authorities, the Group has the right of import and export, the right of contracting international projects, the right of car sales, the right of labor export, the right of import and export of silver and gold made jewelries, and the right of import and export of wools. The registered capital of the Group is 102, 485, 000 RMB.

‘The Group has gained ISO9001 issued by BSI and built up good business reputation and public image through years of market competition.

‘Under the tenet of ‘Trust, Innovation, and Mutual Development’, the Group is dedicated to provide customers with value-added service so as to achieve the long-term and sustainable development of the Group. After years of efforts and capital operations, the Group is gradually becoming a large size group corporation that is able to continuously meet the individualized requirements of customers through its strong industrial background, firm business basis, wide business channels, high technology products, and self-owned technologies and brands.

‘Goalmark International Group Corp. is willing to cooperate with you for a bright and successful future!’

Unless Governor Ugwuanyi has found something fishy in the deal, he owes Ndigbo an explanation for this delay.

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