Why The Crowd Should Not Have Booed Ibori’s Daughter

Today, Ibori’s daughter, Erhiatake Ibori, 36 was booed at the valedictory session for Olorogun Felix Ibru for her incoherent speech.

The booing was an overreaction by the crowd because politicians once in a while lose their nerve when facing the public. The crowd should have encouraged her rather than boo her.

Even Mighty Tony Blair Once Got Nervous

I remember once watching then British Prime Minister Tony Blair give an interview on CNN after it became apparent that Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass distraction, and his speech was a bundle of incoherence.

The normally articulate Tony Blair was stammering, stuttering, and falling over his words.

The point is this: it is allowed for politicians to be nervous once in a while.

Even Abraham Lincoln Was ‘ Almost Always’ Nervous

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest orators ever to walk the earth (google the Gettysburg address). But a historian said whenever Lincoln wanted to start his speech, he would be nervous and the speech would be stilted. But before long, he would begin to flow and deliver an outstanding oration.

If Lincoln could be nervous, why shouldn’t Erhikate be allowed to be nervous? Those peeps that booed the poor girl should have taken it easy on her. They should have begun clapping to encourage her.

The ‘Downfall’ Of A Female Politician Needs Not Be Her End

Erhikate, do not to allow what happened today discourage you. When Hillary Clinton vacated her New York Senate seat, Caroline Kennedy, daughter of Jonh Kennedy announced her candidature.

But in the first interview she gave, she was repeating her words like you did today. She lost that election but today, guess what, she is US ambassador to Japan. So, take heart.


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