Over 12 Ways To Survive Accidents

Hello folks! Today we are discussing how to survive accidents. Accidents happen a lot to people that own cars but because it isn’t a good thing, we must learn tips to minimize the chances that we will experience one and learn how to increase survival chances if one does happen. So I have some tips and a link here that get to the point. Read on, and have a great day.

God forbid, but if an accident appears imminent, you need to respond quickly but smoothly. Vehicles of all types respond better to smooth steering and braking inputs.
1. Choose your course of action. You need to decide what combination of steering, braking and accelerating will best serve to avoid or minimize the harm from an accident.
2. Steer smoothly. – Very jerky motions of the steering wheel, especially with heavy vehicles or those with light rear ends (e.g., pickup trucks) are likely to lead to skids.
3. Accelerate if needed. Although it seems counter-intuitive, sometimes the best way to avoid an accident is to speed up and get out of the way.
4. Take steps to recover if you start to skid or lose control. If your car starts to skid or if a tire blows, follow these steps to control the car.
5. Don’t hit the brakes. This will only make things worse.
6. Keep a firm grip on the wheel.
7. Steer in the direction of the skid. If the back of your car is sliding to the driver’s left, turn the wheels to the left.
8. Wait for your tires to regain traction before braking or pressing the accelerator.
9. If a crash is unavoidable, try to minimize damage.
10. Avoid head-on collisions into other vehicles or front-end collisions into immovable objects like large trees or concrete barriers.
11. Do as much as you can to control your car’s speed. The faster the impact, the more damage it will cause.
12. Avoid side impacts. Serious injury is likely to result if another car strikes your car on the side where it is much weaker structurally and closer to the driver.
13. The above is if the accident is unavoidable, but the tips below will help prevent accidents in the first place:

14. Make sure the safety systems on your car are serviced regularly. Airbags and seat-belts significantly reduce injury and death in automobile accidents.
15. Do not lean against the dashboard.If there is a high-speed crash, the car’s airbags inflate. They have saved lives, but they inflate with such force that if you are leaning against the dashboard when they inflate you will be thrown backwards and injured. If the car has curtain airbags (also called side airbags) it is also dangerous to lean against the sides of the car.
16. Make sure your car’s engine, brakes, transmissions, suspension and tires are in good condition.[/b] The safest accident is the one you don’t get in; having your car in top running condition can help you avoid an accident or minimize harm in case you get in an accident.

To read the whole thing, go to http://www.wikihow.com/Survive-a-Car-Accident

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