Ex Presidential Aide Doyin Okupe In Red Hot Exchange With Blogger On Twitter

The ‘attack lion’ of former president Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Doyin Okupe, today went for the jugular of a blogger who posted some news about him that he did not like. The exchange has been described as funny by readers and shows that bloggers are gaining in influence every day. It also shows that Okupe has not lost his firepower at all. 

A little reminder: Chief Okupe is the one who said years ago that if APC lasts up to a year, people should call him bastard. Trust Nigerians, after APC lasted that long, they took to social media to label him wth that appellation.

Read the ‘Red Hot’ exchange between Doyin and the blogger in the link below.

http://www.flexygist.com/2016/07/18/between-doyin-okupe-and-a-blogger/ Lol.

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