Some Igbo Academic Giants You Didn’t Know Existed

Dear Igbo Defender, did you know that: The first Black Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan was an Igbo man named Professor Kenneth Dike? Did you know that the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos was an Igbo man named Professor Eni Njoku?

These are things that some enemies of Ndigbo wouldn’t want you to know, as they keep telling you that Igbos don’t like to go to school. The post I linked to below contains many hidden facts about Igbo academic achievements that some people don’t want you to know, so better rush and learn them. For instance, where was the first rector of Yabatech from, and which states lead in WEAC and NECO?

See the link: It is only since the civil war that there was a drop in Igbo academic interest but even as we haven’t reached our academic potentials, we are still doing very well.

All we have to do is to institute scholarships to enable those of us who want to go to school but don’t have the money to go.

Beleive me, we can as individuals pick out poor but academically determined Igbo children and help them. That was what Zik even did in those days, and we are told Kwame Nkrumah Ghana’s first president even benefitted from that.

Bye for now, check the link to make yourself proud of your people.

Igbo Kwenu!

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