New UK Prime Minister, Theresa May Is Very Similar To Germany’s Angela Merkel

Just like Angela Merkel of Germany, incoming new UK Prime Minister, Theresa May is the daughter of a clergyman. It is beginning to look like daughters of clergymen are destined o be future prime ministers of their countries.
If May is like Merckel, then she will lead Britain with a steady hand for a long time to come.
It seems the Conservative Party is currently leading the Labour Party by 2 goals to nil when it comes to women holding the most powerful job in Britain, wow. First they brought in Margaret Thatcher, and now Theresa may.
Do you notice that Margaret Thatcher’s initials are MT, while Theresa May’s initials are TM. Interesting. British parents, maybe if you want your daughter to become Prime Minister, you should have a surname that starts with either T or M, and you should give your daughter a first name that starts with T or M. Or let their surnames start either with T or M. Anyhoo, your daughter’s initials should be either TM or MT.
Reminds me of the Ghanaians that have had4 Johns as president succeeding each other. If you want to become president of Ghana, you know what to do.
Moving from there, Nigeria needs to start thinking seriously about having a female president in the future. One problem will be women supporting their own though. Some ladies have told me that they are always very jealous of each other. Hmm. I’m not a female, so I don’t know if that is true. But I do recall that women are more in population than men in Nigeria. They are the majority. But most of them are not interested in politics.
Well the world is seeing a surge of courageous women who feel they have all it takes to occupy the highest office in the land. For instance, Hillary Clinton.
Last Word: This Brexit thing has led to the political deaths of a whole lot of leaders; David Cameron, Boris Johnson and others. All these people just kept resigning as if political hari kiri is the new fashion in the UK. Let’s keep watching, but one thing I will not bet on is the Queen abdicating.

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