Star Athlete Oscar Pistorius Jailed For 6 Years For Reeva Steenkamp Killing

South African star athlete Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to 6 years in jail for killing his beautiful girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar and Reeva during happier times.

Oscar will always regret the day he fired the shots that killed his beauty. He was a good marksman, but now, he would be regreting ever having that skill.

His life is changed forever. Instead of being remembered for his inspiring story conquering worlds in athletics, he will be remembered for killing the beautiful lady in the photo above.

What a great pity. How I wish they could rewind to the time before the shooting occurred. I would be much happier. People, every day when you wake up, pray to God so that the devil will not play koso with your destiny.

He is there to steal, kill and destroy, which is what he has done to Reeva and Oscar.

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