Why Was African Haiti Denied African Union Membership?

If Haiti is not an African country, then, no other African country is African. Recently the African Union denied membership to Haiti. They stated that its membership covered only countries physically located on the African continent.

But Haiti is an African country. Its population is African. And it’s people didn’t ask to be located where they are today. They were captured and transported to that place.

There, in the true African spirit, they liberated themselves from colonialism and became the first black independent republic on earth.

Since then they have faced the most extreme form of neocolonialism, endlessly persecuted by a section of the global elite that wants to see Haiti punished forever for daring to librate itself from slavery and colonialism.

Rubbing Salt On injury

What Haiti needed at this time was the comfort of being accepted in the African brotherhood. Instead they were given a cold shoulder by their African brothers. What a shame.

It is not too late for the African Union to retrace its steps and offer Haiti full membership of the African Union. Afterall, Rwanda was never colonized by  the Brisish, and yet was accepted a few years ago into the Common Wealth Of Ntaions.


By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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