Brexit Victory Makes Trump America’s Seseseko

A few years ago, we had a Zairean president called Mobutu, who gave himself the title Seseseko. Seseseko is a Congolese phrase that means ‘Lion who goes from conquest to conquest leaving fire in its wake’ – in order words, a warrior who marches from victory to victory, and that is what US Republican candidate Donald Trump, aka The Donald, has been doing ever since he declared he was running for President of the United States

And with his string of upset victories Trump has become the worst nightmare of the political establishment on both the Republican and Democratic Parties, as he delivers blow after blow, and defies prediction after prediction.

The Republican elite is wondering how they ever came to be saddled with such a nonconformist candidate as Donald Trump, forgetting that they for years had ignored their own grassroots. even when the grassroots floated the Tea Party movement, which they should have considered a warning. but yet they just

Even when the grassroots floated the Tea Party Movement, which they should have considered a warning, they just ignored it, hoping it would go away. Well, the Tea Party went away, only to be replaced by the Trump Party, and the Trump Party shows no sing of going away. In fact, it is here to stay. As far as the Republican Party is concerned, this is the era of Trump, and he has the angry grassroots to back him up.

That is the head ache that the Republican elite just cant seem to get out of their heads: how to win back their grasssroots that this upstart businessman has just captured. Well, yuo never know what you have until you lose it. That saying works both in matters of the heart and in politcs.

Now, even the Democratic wing of the establishment is feeling the Trump heat. The latest defet Trump handed them is his victory in the Brexit proxy war he fought against Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Both Obama and Clinton had voiced strong support for Britain to remain in the EU. Obama even went as far as writing an article strongly advocating such in a British newapaper. Donald Trump in his public statments advocated the opposite.

The British people chose Trump’s side. This painful slap has been felt in the US establishment. The Donald has proven to them once more that far more people may support his ideas than the opinion polls indicate.

There is currently a lot of confusion in the UK establishment over the Brexit victory. The same confusion is felt withnin the walls of the US establishment. But Trump, who is ‘coincidentally’ in Scotland is savouring the Brexit victory as if he has just won another primary.

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