Nigeria’s Federal Government Should Begin Selling Ads On

On June 12, the Federal Government launched a website where Nigerians can register for the Federal Government’s employment programme. In just 8 days that site has become the 72nd most popular site on’s Nigeria rankings. In fact, on the first day of its existence, the site had 400,000 registrations.

Anyone who owns a blog knows how much Google Adsense and other advertisers would pay him if he had that amount of traffic. has already gotten to a place it took Linda Ikeji Blog years to get to, and all within a few days.

I think the government should use this massive traffic on their site to sell ads. You may say that jobseeker traffic is relatively unatractive due to the fact of their reduced spending power as a result of unemployment, but I believe anyone who can afford to get on the internet to search for jobs has considerable spending power.

And besides, who says sizable numbers of these job seekers would not become employed tomorow? Who says a sizable number of them would not become entrepreneurs tomorow?

I think the revenues generated from selling ads on should be used mainly to help fund the salaries of those applicants FG eventually employs. It can be just like a beauty peageant is funded. You sell forms to many, and out of that you get money for the prizes and a lot of profit for your self.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketing expert

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