About Nimbo Community’s Demand For Compensation And Trauma Hospital

The Igwe of Nimbo Community, which was attacked by herdsmen, leading to over 40 deaths has demanded a compensation of N17 Billion from the Federal Government over the attacks.

They also demanded the building of a Traumatic Hospital to take care of those traumatized by the attack. Already, 2 women that watched their husbands butchered to death have run mad.

The Federal Government should make sure that they heal the painful wounds of those people. There is no excuse for the suffering they have faced.

I know 17 Billion is a bit on the high side for the FG now, so I think the FG should at least pay something, even if it is not up to the money demanded, but something significant. It should also set up a good makeshift hospital there to take care of those with trauma.

The security men patrolling the place should not leave. I heard they left some time ago. This  is not the time for that.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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