‘Things Are Too Hard’

That seems to be the latest trending statement in Nigeria these days. And people are not just talking. They are genuinely fearful about the way things are going.

Eevn the big companies are cutting costs. the size of Gala sausage rolls has reduced. Even cheeseballs were looking a bit smaller to me the other day.

It is scary because, as I usually say, this time, it is not the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer. This time in Nigeria, everybon=dy seems o be feeling the pinch and it is not funny at all.

The independent petrol marketers though they could ‘game the system by pressuring the Federal Government to deregulate, but now, their filling stations have reported a 40% drop in sales!

The thing is that this sought of thing has neve happened to even our fathers. There is no money even to fully fund the budget. Everything is topsy turvy. The main reason for this, as I usually say is that our politicians failed to save for the country.

If we had a great amount of savings we would have been attempting to do what Saudi Arabia has just tried doing. That is to move away from crude oil. But alas the money is simply not there.

I advice everyone t cut spendings and begin to save. Bye for now.

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