Hissene Habre: Chad’s former president convicted of crimes against humanity

Chad’s ex-ruler Hissene Habre has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison at a landmark trial in Senegal.

The judge convicted him of rape, sexual slavery and ordering killings during his rule from 1982 to 1990.Victims and families of those killed cheered and embraced each other in the courtroom after the verdict was given.

Read more here: Hissene Habre: Chad’s ex-ruler convicted of crimes against humanity – BBC News

There was jubilation by families of those who were killed during Habre’s time in power who were gathered outside the court. But Habre, who says he didn’t kill the 40,000 people he is accused of killing has 15 days to appeal.

As he was led outside the court, the former leader shouted, ‘Down with France-Afrique, insinuating that France may have had something to do with his recent travails.

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