Middle Belt Groups allege Fulani herdsmen have taken over their ancestral homelands – Vanguard News

The umbrella body of indigenous tribes in the Middle Belt, Conference of Autochthonous Ethnic Communities Development Associations, CONAECDA has claimed that “most of the attacks carried out by Fulani herdsmen are done with the prior knowledge of Fulani chiefs. It also alleges that ancestral hmelands belonging to many Middle Belt tribes have been taken over by Fulani herdsmen, whom they allege has disloged the local population.

The body lamented that, “The attackers tend to focus their attention on river valleys, highlands and mountain ranges, forests and hills with grave implication to the security of native communities.”

According to a statement from their secretary general, ”Vast lands belonging to Autochthonous peoples such as the Berom, Tiv in Taraba, Northern Banks of the river Benue are now occupied by Fulani herdsmen after dislodging the native populations.

“Such areas are now Fulani territories and natives are not allowed into such areas.”

He added that, “The solution to the problem is not the creation of Fulani territories on our land but using every legitimate means to ensure our right to indigenous lands is protected in line with the relevant United Nations resolutions.”

Source: Fulani chiefs knew of herdsmen’s attacks — Middle BELT GROUPS – Vanguard News

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