4 kids die after locking themselves in parents’ car and being unable to come out

Four kids in Kaduna locked themselves in up in their parent’s car without their parent’s knowledge – probably playing. When they tried to open the car they didn’t know how to. Since the windows were shut, they suffocated in a short time in the midst of the very hot weather.

Very painful. The parents didn’t know the children were going to the car, if not, they may have kept an eye on them or even broken one of the windows to keep their kid’s alive.

Children can be very unpredictable while growing up, and require constant supervision. In my church the other day, I heard of a child who put his hand on a naked wire connected to a generator and was electrocuted.

Parents should try as much as possible to monitor the movement and activities of their children;and always pray to God for their children’s wellbeing.

See the photos of the children (RIP) here.

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