Donald Trump’s foreign policy: why Ukraine should begin negotiating with Russia now

Presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, has laid out his foreign policy plan, which he says he will adhere to when he becomes president.

Reading from a teleprompter, in a speech yesterday, Trump said he would among other things, discuss the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Nato, with Western allies. He also said he would work wth allies from the Middle East to solve problems there.

But he said countries like Japan and South Korea, which have been under US security umbrella must be prepared to pay for it, or the US would withdraw such services.

Mr Trump pointed out that these foreign policy measures were not set on stone, and there would be some flexibility in applying them.

Overall, he seems to hinge the success of his foreign policy on his deal-making prowess, which he has great confidence in. If Mr Trump wins, there would clearly be significant changes in US foreign policy. I think it would be more pragmatic and less doctrinaire, and would be aimed at making US power projection feater and leaner.

US foreign policy would look less like a standing army and more like a commando special forces operation. Expect Russia to hae a more robust conversation with the US than it has had for many years. Let us see what that might mean for Nato expansion in what Russia likes to refer to s its backyard.

I think Ukraine, which means the borderland should expect to be thrown back towards Russia, because Donald Trump will expect them to pay, and since their economy isn’t currently as strong as say South Korea’s, payments might be difficult.

Ukraine is having a hard time paying Russia for gas, not to talk of any US security umbrella. So, Ukraine should begin now to negotiate with Russia for a soft landing, as Trump’s body language seems to indicate they should. They have better leverage now, than when they are out in the cold.

As for the Chinese, Trump’s policy with them would most likely be ruled by constructive give and take and not by any bullying, given China’s undeniable economic sthrength and importance to the US.

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