Kenyan former first lady who slapped journalist dies

Kenya’s most controversial First Lady Lucy Kibaki, is dead. According to her husband, she had been ill for the past month and was receiving treatment in London when she gave up the ghost.

She is best remembered internationally for slapping a cameraman when she stormed the office of a newspaper in anger after they wrote a story that she believed showed her in bad light.

When the cameraman tried to sue, her security guards seized the video evidence of the slap, erased it before handing over the now impotent remainder of the video back to the newspaper.

When her husband was newly president of Kenya, she is said to have shot down a bar where his allies used to gather to drink.

When the country head of the World Bank Makhtar Diop was leaving the country and a send forth party was organized for him, she stormed his residence in the midnight demanding that the music be turned down as he was ‘disturbing the peace’ , and she even went to a police station to demand that Mr. Diopbe arrested for that offence.

She was a First Lady that Kenyan people couldn’t ignore. May her soul rest in peace.

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