Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff fights for political life after losing lower house in impeachment battle

Official portrait of Dilma Rousseff
Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff has lost the impeachment battle in the Brazilian lower house but now fights a more desperate battle to stop a similar loss in the upper house. Will she succeed? Photo: Wikipedia

Brazil’s female president, Dilma Rousseff has just had a political setback, as she lost the lower house vote in her bid not to be impeached over charges that she manipulated government accounts.

It is now up to the upper house the Senate to decide whether or not to impeach her. (How I wish there was a way for Marina Silva, the Afro-Brazilian presidential candidate that lost to Rousseff in a controversial presidential election the last time can benefit.)

Brazil, is actually the second largest African country on earth after Nigeria, but because of racism it has never had a black president (imagine).

It is doubtful that those who are against Afro-Americans within Brazil’s establishment would give Ms Silva a chance now, even as they try to oust Dilma Rousseff from her seat. What a pity. The only time you here the Brazilian government tout this littl-known fact of its African majority is when they come to Africa looking for investment opportunities.

Marina Silva who would have been the first Afro-American president of Brazil lost to Dilma Rousseff in a controversial presidential election in 2014. Could she be on the comeback? Photo:Yahoo

Anyway, Ms Roussef who is a political cat with 9 lives still has 2 chances to appeal if the Senate follows the vote of the house and shows her the impeachment card.

Impeachment would not mean that she is completely ousted, but that she would be suspended by the senate while a special trial takes place. If she is found guilty, she would then be given a clear red card.

One political party that would really want Rousseff out of the way is the PMDB, a powerful party which has been supporting her presidency but which now wants to strike out and run against her.

Do you think the whole thing is a conspiracy against Dilma because she is a woman?

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