Bernie Sanders beats Hilary Clinton in 7 of the last eight primaries: Wins Wyoming

Bernie Sanders, who is challenging Hilary Clinton for the ticket of the Democratic Party has given her another bloody nose, beating her in the US state of Wyoming.

Even though he has beaten Hilary Clinton in 7 of the last 8 primaries, he still has some way to go if he will snatch the lead from Hilary Clinton.

But it is clear that things are not turning out as easily as the powerful Clinton machine had expected. The Clinton camp had been expecting to beat Sanders with ease, and await a certain Republican candidate whom they expected would be battle weary by the time the fierce Republican contest is over.

But it turns out they are also facing a fierce contest on their home turf themselves – even if less personal so far. Still, I can remember when Hilary Clinton came back from a large drought to clinch victories in her race against Barak Obama in 2008. Let’s be watching.

Yet it is clear that many pundits have really underrated Sanders, as his latest results show.

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