Why A Donald Trump Loss In Wisconsin Wouldn’t Really Hurt Him

According to the latest poll numbers coming out of Trump foe Scott Walker’s state, Wisconsin, Republican front-runner Donald Trump is trailing Senator Ted Cruz by 10 percentage points.  Ted Cruz is at 40%, while The Donald is at 30%. But a loss to Ted Cruz in the primary would only be a short-term embarrassment for Donald Trump, who has a commanding lead in the national delegate count.

Yes, it will increase Ted Cruz’s credibility as the person whom some in the Republican establishment will support if the convention becomes a contested one, and give  him a sizable delegate catch of 42 from the state. But let’s not forget that the next few states after Wisconsin are what can be called Trump territory – North Eastern states like New York.

So, Ted is in a comfortable lead right now in Wisconsin, largely due to a support of the Republican establishment there, but Trump still has a lot of supporters among the conservative working class that can pull an upset. And Kasich may also pull votes away from Cruz.

Speaking of Kasich, I’m wondering if there is truth in the speculations that he is still in the race so as to keep the Anti-Trump movement divided (Ross Perot style) and use it as a Donald Trump Vice Presidential bargaining chip. Let’s keep watching the signs of the times.

See more details of the uphill battle Trump faces in Wisconsin: Signs of Wisconsin Backlash Against Donald Trump, Who Trails in Poll

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