Meet the Nigerian family that is Britain’s smartest family and learn how they achieved that feat

This Nigerian family makes me very proud and happy that those that say Nigerians in Britain are all criminals will be shamed.

At the early age of 11, Christina Imafidon (now 22) became the youngest student ever to attend a British university – the United Kingdom University. Christina who is now an intern with the Citigroup, also conducts research on mathematics with Oxford University (wow!).

(Then  check this out.) Fifteen year-old Samantha Imafidon passed 2 high school-level mathematics and statistics examinations at the age of 6!

She went on to become the youngest girl in Britain to attend secondary school- at the age of 9. Samantha was the sibling who gave the twins lessons that enabled them to pass their own math secondary school test when they were also 6 years old! She is also a prolific athlete, being a gold level champion in the 100m and 200m relays.

Read here about the other pace-setting members of the family and their equally enviable achievements and also learn how their parents aided the process.

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