Two die in dangerous job of cleaning underground petrol tanks in Lagos

Two filling station workers have reportedly died after collapsing inside the petrol tank they were working in, in a Fatgbems petrol station Ojodu Berger. Sources say they called for help, but by the time the fire service personnel came, they had already collapsed and died.

Someone who does the same job of cleaning petrol tanks that we interviewed says cleaning underground petrol tanks is a very lucrative but dangerous job. According to him, if you breathe in the air down there it is impossible to take a second breath without dying. He says the air, instead of coming out of the nostrils the way it went in, will burst out of the eyes and ears, a very bad way to die.

According to him, they have to use oxygen masks to survive down there. The monitory compensation for this risky job is relatively okay. For instance, he revealed that he is paid N150,000 for each tank he cleans, and is insured for N350,000; but said that they are not allowed to clean more than one tank every 2 weeks.

May the souls of the dead rest in peace.

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