Are criminals hijacking Igbo Land?

Leader of the Nigerian Igbo Community in Europe, NICE, Chief Chris Ebede, has criticised reports circulating in European countries which describe Igbo Land as insecure and a no-go area for visitors. He disputed the claim that the South-East is a haven for armed robbers, kidnappers, advanced fee fraudsters and ritual murderers, describing them as untrue and unfortunate.

But in reality, many criminal elements have asserted control over parts of Igbo Land and they are making normal life impossible for people. Check out a situation where someone’s land is seized from him by people who think they can bribe their way through anything.

Or consider a situation where people run kidnap rings and feel they are immune from the law.

This is the situation Igbo Land finds itself in now. Our customs are no longer respected by people who commit alu that would make our fore- fathers cringe, but these  people go scot free.

We believe that contrary to Chief Ebede’s position, we should accept that we have  a growing problem in Igbo Land, which can be easily solved if our people return back to the high standards that have made the Igbos the great achievers they are today.

We should not attempt to sweep our growing problems under the carpet. Instead, we should intensify our efforts for  value regeneration in Igbo Land before things get completely out of hand.

See more of what Chief Ebede said: Europeans Wrongly Believe Igboland Is A Region For Criminals — Ebede – Politics – Nigeria Long Live The Great Igbos! Long Live Great Igbo Land!

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